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Year-Round Open Enrollment for Early Childhood Music Classes. Ages 9 month - 5 years
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Research Proves that Repeated Exposure to Music in Early Childhood Increases Intelligence, Physical Coordination and Emotional Well-being. Early childhood experiences are crucial. The benefits of music for young children have been widely accepted: increased vocabulary, accelerated language development, heightened sense of body and self improved physical coordination, and expansion of memory. Wherever you can, experience music with your young child.

Children of all ages love music and singing.  When our children are infants we use our voices to sooth them, play with them and stimulate them. Toddlers love to sing, move and express themselves through music.  Pre-Schoolers  and Kindergarten age children love to play with other children, and have a great time making up songs to familiar tunes and adding silly works to songs they already know.

Group Music Lessons give kids the opportunity to make music together!  These classes help develop language and motor skills, encourages socialization and listen skills and it’s a lot of FUN!! Come and sing with us!

(ages 0-1-2 months) 45 minute class - Mississauga Fine Arts Academy

(ages 0-1­2 month ) 45 min class

Research has shown that even at 5 months, babies are able to detect minute differences in musical frequency and at 7 to 9 months, they organize and respond to melody, tempo, and rhythm just as we do. Babies love music, especially when it comes from the voices of their parents. Songs can be energetic, funny, active and soothing and all of them will encourage your child’s growth and development. In this class, we will learn songs to sing with your infants that will have them smiling, giggling, moving to the music, and snuggling close. The group atmosphere is also a great opportunity for socialization – both for the babies, and the parents!

(ages 1-2) 45 Minute Class - Mississauga Fine Arts Academy

(ages 1-­2) 45 min class

Rhythm, melody and tempo are basic building blocks of music and human voices carry those same patterns in our speech  Come and sing, dance, jingle, stomp, clap and have a great time! This class focuses on simple songs to sing together, rhythms, drums, chants, moving to the beat and learning to love making music! Singing encourages the development of language skills, listening and a musical ear, and dancing and moving to the music progresses children’s gross motor skills. Our fun and inviting class environment will encourage your little ones to socialize in a new environment and meet new friends!

(ages 2-3) 45 minute class - Mississauga Fine Arts Academy

(ages 2-­3) 45 min class

Toddlers and preschoolers love to play and move with all kinds of simple percussion instruments, which help the child to build a deep sense of understanding for the basic concepts of music, such as high/low, long/short, soft/loud, fast/slow. Making homemade instruments helps children understand how sound is created. The progress of skill development is steady and constant, therefore it is an excellent introduction to music and great preparation for the Preparatory Music classes. Activities include finger plays, singing games, rhythmic movement,focused listening, and percussion instruments playing. 

(ages 4-5) 45 minute class - Mississauga Fine Arts Academy

(ages 4­-5) 45 min class

When you play with others, a whole new world opens up! Establish a broad base of musical skills that provide a foundation for a lifetime musical joy. Through games and movement, children explore different rhythms, songs, develop listening skills and ability to read, write, play and think music. Activities include listening, singing, in words and solfege, rhythmic movement, and playing percussion instruments. Sing, clap, listen, and work together.  The young musicians will learn songs that encourage good vocal technique, simple rhythms, solfege (do re mi), listening skills and beginner music theory. This class lays the foundation for further singing and playing development.

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