Mississauga Fine Arts Academy Monthly •  April + May 2020

Mississauga Fine Arts Academy Monthly •  April 2020

• Thank YOU for being so amazing • We are now offering ONLINE Lessons •

• Student of the month- Adalia M. • FREE Master Classes • Practice Champ CHALLENGE and Hope Wristbands •

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Thank YOU for being so amazing!

The world has been known to change day by day, and we’ve been taught to expect the unexpected…but I think it’s safe to say that none of us could have predicted the state things are in right now. The quarantine here has taught us all many new lessons in life: it has taught us patience, compassion, thankfulness, but most of all it has taught us gratitude. We have been doing our absolutely best to ensure that students are able to continue on with their music lessons to bring in some sense of “normal” to this chaos, and we appreciate each any every one of you that continue to practice and let music into your hearts during these times. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope that we’re able to support you as well! We will get through this together and music will be one thing that will help to heal the world.

We are now offering ONLINE LESSONS!

We at Mississauga Fine Arts Academy are very excited about our online lessons. We will continue delivering the quality lessons you deserve through an online experience, to not only help you continue your music education through these challenging times but also to accommodate your absence, FOR ANY REASON!

Here’s how this works:

We will email you a link to your Teacher’s Zoom Room. This link is permanent and will not change (save it in your Browser’s Favourites/Bookmarks). Some exceptions apply to students who take multiple instruments with different teachers. Please ensure you are clicking on the current link room for the teachers your lesson is scheduled for. Your teacher will also have the same link.

At the time of your lesson, click the link from a phone, iPad or laptop, at which time (only once) you will be prompted to download or run Zoom on your device.

Follow the instructions on your screen to start your camera and join audio. At this time should be able to see and hear your teacher.
The video will start automatically, if not please ensure to click lower bottom to join audio and start video. Refer to the tutorial VIDEO on how to do it.

Students and teachers can also share files through ZOOM
Students can share files such us sheet music or mp3 (audio) files and both teacher and student can view the files.
Teachers can send a link in the “Chat” for the students to see music online.
Alternatively, you can scan your music and email it to our front desk at info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com and we’ll be sure to forward it to your teacher.

Students will need their own instruments at home, drum students can use a drum kit or practice pad.
Voice students will need to have an accompaniment music or backing track at home.
If you have any questions on how to use ZOOM application contact us before your first class and we’ll walk you through the process.

Your teacher will help you navigate on HOW to have your lessons online but the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!!

FREE Master Classes!

In addition to our regular classes, we are starting a new series of FREE masterclass program for all our students. This online masterclass program is for everyone, beginners, intermediates and those advanced in music.

Whether you want to learn some music fundamentals, or to write a song, or to improve on vocal techniques, or even learn a new instrument, this FREE masterclass program is for you.
SEATS ARE LIMITED, so don’t wait. Reserve your seat now and enjoy the benefit of these FREE music lessons.

What to expect
Improve playing skills
Try a new instrument
Explore different aspects of music
Unlock your potential to sing or play an instrument
Keep active, engaged and happy during lockdown time. RESERVE YOUR SPOT today and start your music fun.

If you’re interested, please call or email us and we will be sure to help you learn something new!

Let’s learn and play together!

Practice Champ CHALLENGE and Hope Wristbands

It is with great excitement that we are launching a new incentive program to get you even more enthusiastic and involved in learning how to play your instrument.

Our teachers in the next 30 days will test their Musical Ladder System® (MLS) students on their next level, regardless of duration (i.e. we’re adjusting the calendar for now).

When you pass your MLS test, in addition to your normal MLS wristband, you’ll also receive the HOPE MLS wristband (see photo). These are very special wristbands; they’re limited edition and only for a limited time. We want to inspire you to have ‘HOPE’ during these challenging times, and also to play more music. These wristbands will be sent directly to your house.

On another note, we have more exciting news! We will be introducing the new 30-day practice challenge.

For our students, if we receive a report to the office that you are practicing at least 4 – 5 times per week, for the next 30 days, you will get the limited edition ‘Practice Champ’ wristband. They will also be sent directly to your house.

In terms of frequency and as a good practice habit, students are expected to practice 4, 5 times a week from 30 min to 1 hour, a weekly update would be best to let us know when students are practicing.
You can let us know through many different forms of communication: Email, text message, Facebook message, phone call, whatever works best for you! We’re working hard to keep track on our end of all the different students and how much they’re practicing at home, so as long as you let us know we’ll be sure to keep them on track for their (limited time only!) Practice Champ wristbands.

Happy Practicing!

Social Media Contest

ATTENTION ALL MFAA STUDENTS! We’ve got exciting news! We’re going to be doing our very first #QuarentineContest!!! Since we’re all #socialdistancing indoors, online shopping has become more essential & we’re here to give one lucky winner a $100 Amazon gift card!!

Here are the contest rules:

1. Follow @MississaugaFineArtsAcademy on Instagram and/or Like our Facebook page: Mississauga Fine Arts Academy
2. Record a video of you or your child’s Zoom Lesson, doesn’t have to be an entire class, just one song practice, and send it to info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com (we want to be able to see the instrument, student and teacher). Optionally, you can send us a link to your posted video from social media.
3. Post your video on Instagram or Facebook, tag us in the post and use the hashtag #MFAAGiveAway

Each video counts as one entry, and there is no limit to how many videos you send/post.

The winner will be chosen from a random draw on Facebook Live on May 11th.

Good Luck everyone & Stay Safe!!

Student Of The Month- Adalia M.!

Even during this time of change, we’ve seen a lot of improvement and dedication within our students! Adalia is one of our students that has been going above and beyond in all of her lessons and continues to impress her guitar teacher Bernardo. Adalia is 14 years old and is always doing her best.

We asked Adalia a few questions about herself and everything she’s learned, and this is what she told us:

What instrument do you play?
How long have you been taking lessons?
About a year and a half
What’s your favourite song to play?
My favourite song that I was taught, would be “Slow dancing in the Dark” by Joji. 

What is your favourite food?
My favourite food would definitely be sushi.

What is your favourite thing you’ve learned in class recently?
Learning how to do a pull-off on the guitar.

What is your favourite colour?

We asked Mr. Bernardo to let us know more about Adalia, and this is what he told us:

“Throughout her music studies, Adalia has constantly shown an incredible amount of dedication to her music. She is able to understand complex musical terms, and apply them to her playing unbelievably for someone her age. Throughout the past few weeks, she has shown an incredible amount of dedication to her instrument, being able to seemingly pick up any melody she hears, and translate it flawlessly to the guitar. She has been an incredible student throughout the few weeks. Good Job Adalia! Keep up the good work!”

Congratulations for your achievements Adalia and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow!

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