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"Personalized approach that ignites the talent within”
Vadim Koltsov
music school student playing violin
Piano Lessons

“Our music teachers and staff are super encouraging and supportive.”

Lillian Myrie

Music School Testimonials

What is a testimonial? Why are music school reviews important and valuable to us?

Testimonials, or reviews, if you will, are written or recorded declarations about one’s character, qualifications and conduct. They demonstrate expressions of esteem, appreciation, and respect. Its a tribute and a recommendation of someone or someone’s product or service. Testimonials are accounts of someone’s first-hand experience. 

Testimonials and referrals have been one of the driving forces of the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy’s success. The testimonies about our Academy have been written or recorded to testify to and support our credibility and level of expertise. Our students and parents put their trust in us as their or their children’s music education providers, which is a great privilege and responsibility we do not take lightly.

Since the very beginnings of our music school many students and parents have been writing and recording reviews about their first-hand experiences with their music teachers and have been sharing their music lessons success stories. They have also been referring numerous other students to our school. Many of them have left very high reviews on Google and other customer satisfaction rating sites.

Our students’ success has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team of wonderful and passionate music teachers, other valuable employees working behind the scenes and of course our amazing, committed and very enthusiastic students and parents.

Here are a few quotes from our students’ and parents’ video testimonials about their first-hand experience with the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy:

Mateja, who has been studying classical guitar since 2015, says that being a part of our music school family for five years has made him fall in love with the energy of our teachers. In his testimonial, he goes on to describe the teachers as very professional and knowledgeable. Another thing that Mateja likes about our Academy is the opportunity to enter and participate in many competitions. 

One of the music school competitions he favours is the Peel Music Festival where there are opportunities to compete and win medals and ribbons. Mateja strongly recommends the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy for anyone looking for music lessons in Mississauga. For anyone hesitating about learning music, Mateja adds that the teachers are very patient and will help you play music to the best of your ability, even help you understand music theory. – Watch Mateja’s testimonial

Madeleine, who has been taking piano lessons with our teacher Ms. Nadia for four years, and Sophie, who has been studying piano with Ms. Vera for two years, both say in their music school reviews that they really love the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy. The reasons why they love our school of music they both say are the supportive and encouraging teachers and staff. As a result, both Madeline and Sophie love playing the piano. They both in one voice state that if you are looking for piano lessons or music lessons in Mississauga to check out the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy because they are the best. – Watch Madeleine and Sophie’s testimonial

Deborah, one of the parents at our music school recommends the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy because she has seen progress in her child’s guitar playing development. She also recommends the Academy because she appreciates the amount of interaction, engagement with the teachers and inclusion of the parents. – Watch Deborah’s testimonial

Hannah, a piano student for five years, describes everyone at the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy as really welcoming and friendly. The Academy, she says, is a very lively place where you learn new things and make many new friends. In her music shool review Hannah says she has happily recommended our music school to her friends and some of them are now taking piano lessons and having fun learning interesting new songs and techniques. She says that if you are looking for a music school in Mississauga to learn a new instrument you should definitely start learning at the Mississauga Fine Art Academy. – Watch Hanna’s testimonial

Noor, a violin student at the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy, says that she has dreamed about learning to play the violin since she was very young, adding that the Academy has helped her grow tremendously with every violin lesson she takes. Noor says that in her two years at the music school she truly enjoys the program that allows earning a bracelet or a trophy every few months for all the hard work she has put into her lessons.  She confidently adds that from the welcoming staff to the most talented music teachers, the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy is a music school you want to attend. – Watch Noor’s testimonial

Emma and Felipe, our young and enthusiastic students, have been studying piano for 1.5 years. Emma says that she really likes playing the piano, she likes our music school and her teacher. She enjoys learning to play many new songs. Felipe joins in to say that he also likes how the teachers at the school are really good, helpful and nice. Felipe recommends the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy because he says that each day he learns new songs, but he also adds that you do need to practice, because practice makes it perfect. – Watch Emma and Felipe’s testimonial

In their music school testimonials, our students and their parents speak louder and clearer than anything we could possibly say about ourselves. These students represent the fruit of our labour. We are so proud of them and humbled to have been entrusted with playing a part in the development of their character. We at our music academy celebrate each student’s successes as our greatest accomplishment, as we cheer them on to continue learning, practice their chosen craft and share their love for music with others. With this, we accomplish part of our mission in making this world a better place by igniting their talent and helping them succeed.

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