April 2021

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Mark Your Calendars
Update from the Director
A Heartwarming MFAA Project
Faculty Concert Highlights
Student of the month
Musical Ladder Achievements
FREE Masterclasses
Practice Challenge
Teachers with a waiting list
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Mark Your Calendar

Important Dates:

Victoria Day: Monday, May 24th, 2021

Canada Day: July 1st, 2021

Virtual Summer Recital: July 10th and 11th, 2021

Update from Our Director: Vadim Koltsov

April 2021

Watch the video update HERE. Or read the transcript below: 

Hello everyone, it’s Vadim Koltsov the Director of Mississauga Fine Arts Academy here. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank parents students and guardians for being with us for sticking with us for so long for trusting us for giving us chance to serve you. Thank you, teachers, thank you to our incredible front desk team for your loyalty and outstanding work. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Yes, we live in a challenging time where we all face lots of uncertainties but despite all the odds and challenges there’s one thing that I’m certain about and it’s music.  Music gives the soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.  So despite being isolated and online there’s still a way to connect and music will help us. Without further ado, I would like to update you on what is going on at the academy and what we’ve prepared for you. There is a number of great news, so let’s dive in.

I’m excited to announce that our Free Masterclasses are back. We ran these classes last year and had tremendous success. Lots of students benefited from them. This master class series covers a variety of different musical topics. Whether you like to learn new or try a new instrument or you like to learn how to improvise, or would like to increase your skills playing your instrument, maybe you’d like to boost your creativity by learning how to compose or write a song or simply unveil your talent for singing. We have it all for you.  So I encourage you to take as many classes as you can.  Join our classes, get your musical journey going, take advantage of this, it is free for you and in addition to your regular classes.  We sent an email a couple of weeks ago with the link for the schedules and if for any reasons you lost it or you don’t have it please make sure to call text or email us and we’ll send you a link right on the spot so you can schedule your classes. And if you’re not our students yet that’s a good time to join our academy and enjoy all the benefits our students have with free performances, free masterclasses, free musical ladder program, and free practice challenge program. So please call text or email us or press any button with the request info and we’ll be in contact with you shortly and you can ask any questions you like.

We know how much our students love to earn awards and how much we all love to see our students practicing. We’re excited to launch a new series of Practice Wristbands. Students will still be able to earn their regular musical ladder wristbands such as apprentice, songbird etc. Just think of this as extra credit. There are six wristbands available for you guys to earn and as an additional incentive, anyone who earns all six wristbands will be eligible to receive the 2021 practice challenge trophy at the end of the year. The email with the details about the program was sent about a month ago and if for any reason you guys haven’t received an email,  please let us know and we’ll make sure to resend it again. We are excited to see our students participating in new challenges. Get your practice going and most importantly have fun practicing.

Another great news, we’re doing our teachers’ concert this year again. What can be more inspirational than seeing your teacher or another professional musician perform? It always inspired me and I’m sure it will inspire you for more practice. So mark your calendar, May 8th Youtube Premiere, the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy Faculty Concert followed by Students’ Recital on July 10th and 11th. We love to see our students’ performance always. And no matter the time we’re always working towards creating an opportunity for our students to perform. It doesn’t matter how long you take classes or how experienced you are we want to see you all there.

As you can see, there are lots is going on here. The Practice Challenge Program is in full swing, Free Masterclasses, please join them I do encourage you to take as many as you can, join our Faculty Concert on May 8th, get inspired and get ready for your upcoming recital on July 10th 11th.

So roll out your sleeves and start practicing for your upcoming recital. We will keep you updated and we’re looking forward to seeing you all in person as we missed you so much. Have fun practicing and I’ll see you at your next lesson.

A Heartwarming MFAA Project: By Our Very Own...

So something super special happened this month…

Mr. Sam and his students surprised us with a cover of “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant. The Mississauga Fine Arts Academy team are so happy to see this performance and be able to experience students coming together alongside their teacher to create something so wonderful. What a cover! We were so appreciative of everyone’s bright smiles and laughter and absolutely grateful for things like these. It is so important to come together during times like these and use music to connect with ourselves and one another.

Thank you Mr. Sam and to all his students for participating, for creating, for taking the initiative and most importantly, for smiling.

Watch the video HERE

April 2021

MFAA Virtual Faculty Concert 2021!

April 2021

In case you missed it, our Virtual Faculty Concert premiered on May 8th! Our wonderful Mississauga Fine Arts Academy faculty came together to put on a fantastic, virtual, show! Check it out HERE.

Thank you to all MFAA faculty who participated. We hope you had a wonderful time playing music and showcasing your immense talent.

And to students: how wonderful is it to be able to see your teachers play? Awesome right! We hope this inspires you to gear up for the summer recital, where you get to showcase YOUR immense talent.

Student of The Month

Our April 2021 Student of the Month is… Angela B.!

A big congratulations to Angela B.! Our April 2021 student of the month. Angela plays the flute and her teacher is Ms. Emily. Ms. Emily has a few words to say about Angela and all that she has accomplished so far:

“I’d like to nominate Angela. She has showed outstanding work– preparing weekly scales and studies, and has even memorized the Chaminade flute concerto. She should be recognized for this effort”
We also asked Angela a few questions. Check out her responses below!

Favourite song to play?
At the moment, my favourite piece to play is the Chaminade Concertino.Favourite food?
Bread and cheese

Favourite thing I’ve learnt in class recently?
What little I’ve learnt of the Stamitz Flute Concerto in G Major

Favourite colour?

Once again, a big congratulations to you Anjula. We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what you will accomplish in the future.
April 2021

Musical Ladder Achievements

FREE Masterclasses!

Did you know that FREE masterclasses are currently going on? Yup, you heard us. FREE! Sign up today for all the different masterclasses our MFAA faculty are teaching this month and next!

The different learning possibilities Master Classes provide are precisely why we brought them back for the 2021 season! Learn Disney-themed music, the basics of the gentle flute, or write and mix a song! The possibilities are endless! Here is some more information about our Master Classes:

These are free music lessons online in addition to our regularly scheduled classes. They are geared towards anyone who wants to connect with others through learning music, learning a new instrument, singing, songwriting, and making music in general.

The great value of master lessons is that they are taught by highly experienced music teachers from the Mississauga Fine Arts Academy. These professionals are talented musicians who provide an exceptional environment for learning about what they love the most; music.

Our teachers work tirelessly to develop and host these online Master Class Series for everyone who wants to learn music, at NO cost.

If you are already a music student at the academy, these free lessons will help you further improve your instrument playing skills, nudge you to learn a new instrument, discover singing and songwriting, and even understand the many different ways and aspects of making music.

If you are not already an active student, these music lessons provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the history of music, the fundamentals of music, how music helps the body heal, learn to play an instrument, and how to use your voice.

For parents who may be considering classes for their young children (ages 4 to 8), we have something for you too! With our Sing-A-Long classes, kids will get to enjoy many familiar and well-loved nursery rhymes.

We encourage you to take as many classes as you can. Whether you want to learn or try a new instrument, jam along with our talented teachers, increase your creativity by learning how to improvise, or unveil your talent for singing, we have it all for you. Spots are limited; join your favourite class today. Click the button below to see the schedule.

If you have any questions regarding our free Master Classes, please call or text us at 905-276-0251 or email us at info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com.

See you at your next Master Class! Let’s make music this year.

Practice Challenge!

April 2021

Have you heard about the practice challenge? This is just a friendly reminder that the performance challenge is happening! We have two practice challenges going on at the moment and we would love for our immensely talented students to participate! Here are the challenges we have going on at the moment:

Wristband 1
Practice Points: 1.0

Achieve 24 practice points between the beginning of  January 2021 and the end of June 2021. These points can be documented using our practice log, which can be found HERE.

Simply hand in your practice log once it is completed by emailing it to info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com ! We will keep your practice log in safe hands and issue your wristband as soon as we’re able to!

Wristband 2
Challenge: 1.0

Perform for a friend, a family member, or a pet – can be earned in April and May 2021. Need some prep and practice before our summer recital? Here is the perfect opportunity to do so? Simply put on a show/performance and send us a video! We’d love to share it on our social media, granted permission of course. And what better incentive than an awesome wristband to add to your collection? So send in your videos and let’s!! get!! practicing!!


Practice Challenge Submissions!

Here are some screencaps from practice challenge videos our wonderful students have submitted. You can view all these videos on our Facebook and Instagram! We hope this inspires you to start your practice challenge today!

Audrey C.

Ardene M.

Lance S.

Sasha K.

Marcus L.

Noor O.


A Warm Welcome to New Students!

Aahan S.
Jeffery B.
Mihili C.
Alora B.
Jade A.
Yuvin K.
Lauren L.
Kovidh S.
Chelsea S.

Sourish D.
Darius E.
Advait N.
Elizabeth A.
Alexia C.
Jeslyn C.
Liam N.
Collin D.
Joha G.

Is Your Teacher Fully Booked?

Many teachers are fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lesson spots available.

To inquire about openings send an e-mail to info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com or call us 905-276-0521.

Here’s a partial list of who is currently full:


Alex H.: Only THREE spots left
Anjula E.: Only ONE spot left
Jack L.: Only TWO spots left
Luke J.: Only ONE spot left
Michael G.: Only TWO spots left
Miguel R.: Only THREE spots left
Mike M.: Only TWO spots left


Jack L.: Only TWO spots left
Luke J.: Only ONE spot left
Michael G.: Only TWO spots left


Afshin E.: Only THREE spots left
Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left
Vira B.: All days SOLD OUT


Geoff M.: Only ONE spot left
Jack L.: Only TWO spots left
Mike M.: Only TWO spots left


Piano -

Alex H.: Only THREE spots left
Anjula E.: Only ONE spot left
Danae O.: Only THREE spots left
Geoff M.: Only ONE spot left
Jack L.: Only TWO spots left
Jerry Z.: Only THREE spots left
Katrina Z.: Only THREE spots left
Lesya K.: Only FOUR spots left
Mariana C.: Only ONE spot left
Michael G.: Only TWO spots left
Michelle E.: Sunday only ONE spot left
Monica V.: Only TWO spots left
Nadiya R.: Thursday only SOLD OUT
Oksana I.: Only TWO spots left
Robert M.: Only TWO spots left
Sam L.: All days SOLD OUT
Emily M.: Only TWO spots left
Stella L.: Only TWO spots left
Vira B.: All days SOLD OUT


André R.: Only TWO spots left
Anjula E.: Only ONE spot left
Danae O.: Only THREE spots left
Michelle E.: Sunday only ONE spot left
Miguel R.: Only THREE spots left
Luke J.: Only ONE spot left
Sam M.: All days SOLD OUT


Glenn M.: Only THREE spot left
Luke J.: Only ONE spot left


Afshin E.: Only THREE spots left
Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left


Emily M.: Only TWO spots left

Robert M.:  Only TWO spots left


André R.: Only TWO spots left
Jerry Z.: Only THREE spots left

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