May 2021

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  • Our Amazing Ms. Anjula
  • May 2021 Student of the Month
  • Summer Virtual Recital 2021
  • Musical Ladder Achievement
  • What does an MFAA summer look like?
  • Practice and Performance Challenge Submissions
  • Teachers with a Wait List


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Mark Your Calendar

• Canada Day •

July 1st, 2021

• Summer virtual Recital • 

July 10th and 11th, 2021

• RCM Exams Registration Deadline •

July 13 for August Session

• Theory exams •

August 6 & 7, 2021

Practice and Performance Challenge Submissions

May 2021

We are so happy to see our students actively take part in our new Practice Challenge program. Here’s a little bit about it :

We know how much our students love to earn awards and how much we all love to see the students practicing, so we are excited to launch a new series of Practice Challenge wristbands!

Students will still be able to earn their regular Musical Ladder wristbands, such as Apprentice, Songbird, etc. – Think of these levels as Extra Credit! Certain wristbands can only be earned during certain times of the year, but there will be multiple opportunities to earn the wristbands.

As an added incentive, anyone who earns all SIX of the 2021 Practice Challenge wristbands will be eligible to receive the 2021 Practice Trophy at the end of the year!
You can learn more about the practice challenge and all the upcoming challenges on our website, HERE.

Here are some Performance Challenge Videos. To watch the video click on the name below:

Evangeline D. playing “The Happy Farmer” for her practice challenge submission.

Reyaansh D. playing ‘Blinding Lights” for his practice challenge submission.

Ardene M. playing “Beauty and the Beast” for her practice challenge submission

Audrey C. playing “Workout” for her practice challenge submission

MARTYs Award Nominee: Ms. Anjula!

Our very own Ms. Anjula is nominated by the Mississauga Arts Council for a MARTY award under the category of Liberal Arts – Emerging. Here’s some more information about the awards:
“The MARTYS, also known as the Mississauga Arts Awards, are a distinguished and elegant red carpet event recognizing excellence in the arts in Mississauga. It’s been said that civilizations are measured by what they Celebrate and in Mississauga, celebrating outstanding works of creativity across all arts disciplines has been MAC’s honour since 1994.”

Visit Mississauga Arts Council and the award HERE

Anjula— we are so proud of you and your nomination. You have all our support.

May 2021

Virtual Summer Recital 2021

May 2021

We are so excited to announce that we are having our annual VIRTUAL summer recital this year!!! No one is more excited than the MFAA front desk team because we get to see all our wonderful students showcase their talent and all that they have learned over the past few months. The 2021 Summer Virtual Recital is scheduled for July 10th and 11th. We ask that students, parents and guardians submit their virtual recital video by June 20th. 2021. You can send in your videos to our email, or send them to us via WeTransfer, a simpler way to send files. We hope to virtually see you then. Until then, take care, stay safe and let’s keep practicing!!!

Last year’s summer virtual recital can be found HERE on our Youtube channel.

Student of The Month

Kevin K

Our May 2021 student of the month is the one and only Kevin K. ! Congratulations Kevin! We are so proud of you. Kevin takes piano lessons with Ms. Lesya. Here’s what Ms. Lesya had to say about Kevin’s amazing achievement:

“Student of the Month, Kevin Kang. This bright student is taking level 7 piano and theory. Very impressive serious student, exceedingly talented sign reading skills, reading notes well. Kevin has very good musical memory, absolute listening skills, a most impressive appreciation of music. This brilliant young student expresses a keen understanding in feeling the dynamics and rhythms for music. Kevin’s personal commitment to music has facilitated a remarkable record in his acceleration in learning, having successfully completed within only one year, two full levels in both piano and theory. This sincere love of music accurately reflects his genuine determination to further himself as an accomplished student of music, where his self-imposed goals are effectively reached and truly realized. As his teacher, I am happy to admit that it is a real pleasure to assist him in his growth in the pursuit of piano music. Thrilled by his wonderful accomplishments, and confident to believe that assuredly much more awaits us all!”

May 2021

We asked Kevin a few questions about himself. Here are his answers:

What instrument(s) do you play?
I only play the piano.

How long have you been taking lessons?
I have been taking piano lessons for about 2 years and a half.

What’s your favourite song to play?
My favourite song is Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven.

What is your favourite food?
My favourite food is sushi.

What is your favourite thing you’ve learned in class recently?
The favourite thing I’ve learned in class recently is memorizing the song River Flows in You.

What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is green.

Musical Ladder Achievements

May 2021
Angela plays the flute and her teacher is Ms. Emily!
May 2021
Ines plays the piano and her teacher is Mr. Robert!
May 2021
Sibling duo! Reyaansh D. plays the piano and his teacher is Mr. Geoff and Rishaan plays the drums with Mr. Luke.
May 2021
Eric E. plays the cello and his teacher is Mr. Sharif!

So... How Do Summer Classes Work Again?

Summer’s right around the corner. Wait… wasn’t it December yesterday? How did we get here so fast? Well, MFAA doesn’t mind cause the summer means just a bit more fun than usual! We have our virtual recital coming up, additional masterclasses and creative challenges over the summer months to keep you busy! Here are some frequently asked questions we get during the summer season:


Do you want to stay with the same teacher in the Fall?
Do you need the same day and time that you have now?

Dear parents and students, Each Spring we often get asked these questions:

Q. “How do lessons work in the Summer?”

A. Many parents are looking for summer activities for their children. We‘re glad to announce that the school is open year-round, and we do not close during the summer!

Q. Do a lot of students quit during the summer?
A. This time around, we have more than 100 people waiting for reopening, which we anticipate in July (to be determined). Some students withdraw, but we get a large influx of students from June to August as many parents want something fun to do for their child during the school break. A large portion of these students continue their classes into the Fall. The number of students travelling in the Summer and stopping classes for vacations is at a record low. We’re now running ads all over the internet, social media, and are the top music school in Mississauga, so this Summer will be one of our busiest yet.

Q. “How full is the school?”
A. As of today, we are at approximately 80% capacity, and many teachers are sold out between the hours of 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

Q. “If we withdraw for the Summer, can we continue right where we left off in Fall?”
A. Lessons are first come first serve, so if you withdraw for the Summer, we cannot guarantee that we will have a spot for you in the Fall as we will open the spot to new students. As well, your progress on the Musical Ladder will be reset to the beginning.

The big question for all parents and students to consider is:
Do you want to stay with the same teacher in the Fall?
If the answer is YES there are 4 ways to do this:

1. Take advantage of our group make up lessons
We realize that some of you will be away for a portion of the Summer. By signing up for the group make-up classes, you can make up all of your missing classes without withdrawing from the school.
It’s very easy to do!
Sign up for a group make-up lesson at a time convenient for you by speaking with someone at the front desk. If you don’t know when you want your make-up lesson to be yet, don’t worry! Our group make-up classes do not expire, nor do they have any limits.
GET A HEAD START: You can start making up lessons for the Summer in advance at any time.

2. New Option – Pre-recorded lessons
This option is great for those planning to be away for a couple of weeks or even the entire Summer. Let us know that you will be away at least 24 hours before your class, and your teacher will record a video with individual instructions tailored to you and upload any necessary materials on the Lesson Mate platform. Students can log in at any time, watch the video and download class materials. The great benefit of this option is that the student receives instructions from their teacher and can have class at any convenient time.

3. You can offer your spot to a family member or friend.
You can send family members or friends to your place for the dates you will miss. Just let the office know who is coming in your place and when so that we can let the teachers know ahead of time.

4. Take ZOOM lessons.
It is super easy these days to keep your classes going no matter where you are. If you are planning to travel overseas, Online lessons are a great option to get your classes going. We offered it before and we’ll continue to offer it to accommodate you while you are away.

Each September, we get calls from students who have been with us for years but withdrew for the Summer. They want to return to the same teacher, day, and time, but another student has filled the spot.

If you LOVE your teacher, keep your spot by using make-up classes, pre-recorded videos, lending your spot to a friend or taking online lessons!

Welcome New Students

Madeline M.

Maya H.

Prateeti S.

Evana J.

Anaya H.

Hannah S.

Noelle W.

Saty V.

Ruby S.

Damess G.

Is Your Teacher Fully Booked?

Many teachers are fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lesson spots available.

To inquire about openings send an e-mail to or call us 905-276-0521.

Here’s a partial list of who is currently full:


Alex H.: Only THREE spots left

Anjula E.: Only ONE spot left

Jack L.: Only TWO spots left

Luke J.: Only ONE spot left

Michael G.: Only TWO spots left

Miguel R.: Only THREE spots left

Mike M.: Only TWO spots left


Jack L.: Only TWO spots left

Luke J.: Only ONE spot left

Michael G.: Only TWO spots left


Afshin E.: Only THREE spots left

Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left

Vira B.: All days SOLD OUT


Geoff M.: Only ONE spot left

Jack L.: Only TWO spots left

Mike M.: Only TWO spots left


Alex H.: Only THREE spots left

Anjula E.: Only ONE spot left

Danae O.: Only THREE spots left

Geoff M.: Only ONE spot left

Jack L.: Only TWO spots left

Jerry Z.: Only THREE spots left

Katrina Z.: Only THREE spots left

Lesya K.: Only FOUR spots left

Mariana C.: Only ONE spot left

Michael G.: Only TWO spots left

Michelle E.: Only ONE spot  left

Monica V.: Only TWO spots left

Nadiya R.: Thursday only SOLD


Oksana I.: Only TWO spots left

Robert M.: Only TWO spots left

Sam L.: All days SOLD OUT

Emily M.: Only TWO spots left

Stella L.: Only TWO spots left

Vira B.: All days SOLD OUT



Danae O: Only ONE spot left

Luke J: Only Two spots Left


Andre R: Only TWO sopts left


Jerry Z: Only THREE spots left


Glenn M.: Only THREE spots left

Luke J.: Only ONE spot left


Afshin E.: Only THREE spots left

Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left


Emily M.: Only TWO spots left

Robert M.:  Only TWO spots left


André R.: Only TWO spots left

Jerry Z.: Only THREE spots left

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