January 2019

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  • Student of the Month – Pinze Y!
  • WE WON! Top Choice Awards 2019
  • Welcome New Students
  • Musical Ladder Achievements
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Referral Contest Winner: Snehashish S.!
  • Teachers with waiting lists
  • New Referral Contest: Google Home Assistant 

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Mark Your Calendar

• Kiwanis Music Festival
February 19 – March 1, 2019

• Summer Recital
June 15 – 16, 2019 

• RCM May/June Exam Registration
March 5, 2019

• RCM Practical Exams
April 8 – 13, 2019

• RCM Theory Exams
May 10 – 11, 2019

• March Break School Closures
March 12 – 16, 2019 


WE WON! Top Choice Awards 2019

January 2019

We would like to thank all those who took the time to vote for us for the 2018 Top Choice Awards. We would not, and could not, have accomplished this amazing achievement without you! 

Looking forward to 2019 and many more awards to come!

Referral Contest Winner: Snehashish S.!

A huge congratulations to Snehashish for winning our latest referral contest! Snehashish has won 4 tickets to iFly Indoor Skydiving! We hope you have a great time trying something new!

Thank you to everyone that referred a friend to our school and we can’t wait to meet more friends in the future!

Don’t keep us a secret!

What happens when you refer your friends to the school? If they enrol you get:

1. Your choice of a $25 Amazon or Cineplex gift card

2. Your and your friend’s name entered into our raffle box for a Grand Prize Draw!

Each time you refer your friends, family, & neighbours and they enrol, you get an entry into our raffle! So the more friends you refer, the better your chances of winning awesome prizes are!

January 2019

Student of The Month

Pinze Y

We have had so many teachers step forward lately and tell us all about their students and their successes in class, and we love hearing every word of it! This month, we are featuring a student that takes lessons with Mr.Luke. Pinze is 7 years old and is very mature and dedicated!

We asked Pinze a few questions about himself, and this is what he told us:

What instrument do you play? Guitar

How long have you been taking lessons? Since October 2018

What’s your favourite song to play? Largo

What is your favourite food? Hot Dogs

What is your favourite thing you’ve learned in class recently? Everything!

What is your favourite colour? Orange

January 2019

 We asked Luke to tell us about Pinze and how classes are going together, and this is what he told us:

“I’m really proud of Pinze for all the effort he’s put in since he began playing guitar in October. I’m really 

impressed with how quickly Pinze memorizes and puts into action things I mention in class. Last week he played me a piece he recently started working on and blew me away! I love that he comes to class prepared, and always eager to learn new material. Great work Pinze!”

Congratulations once again Pinze, and we hope you continue with your musical journey for many years to come!

Musical Ladder Achievements

January 2019
Ramy Guitar lessons with Nick R.
January 2019
Sofia and Mario Piano lessons with Vira and Alex.
January 2019
Shamera Flute lessons with Savic P.
January 2019
Cailyn Piano lessons with Geoff M.

Welcome New Students

Patricia G. 

Nazar E.

Liam Y.

Carol H.

Priscila G.

Justin W.

Kaelin F.

Evaan K.

Aadya M.

Jasper C.

Sophie H.

Samantha R.

Rithu R.

Diya D.

Robert M.

Mia B.

Theodore D.

Lauren W.

Jamal S.

Ivan L.

Julian S.

Nikolina K.

Adalia M.

Srrisaanvvi B.

Wilfred L.

Ghadeer M.

Robinson V.

Lisa M.

Aarna V.

Anika M.

Lucia R.

Sara C.

Andreea M.

Stanley F.

Antonia S.

Mark W.

Estelle D.

Kian N.

Richard H.

Sameer B.

Rakshan S.

Taslima A.

Aadya K.

Savanna L.

Is Your Teacher Fully Booked?

Many teachers are fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lesson spots available.

To inquire about openings send an e-mail to info@mississaugafineartsacademy.com or call us 905-276-0521.

Here’s a partial list of who is currently full:


Alex H - 3 spots remaining

Jack L - 1 spot remaining

Luke J - 1 spot remaining

Michael G - 2 spots remaining

Mike M - 1 spot remaining

Nick R - Fully booked

Peter S - 2 spots remaining

Sean C - 2 spots remaining


Sharif A - 3 spots remaining 

Vira B - 1 spot remaining



Geoff M - 2 spots remaining

Jack L - 1 spot remaining

Mike M - 1 spot remaining

Nick R - Fully booked

Sean C - 2 spots remaining


Geoff M - 2 spots remaining

Jerry Z - 3 spots remaining

Karan K - 2 spots remaining

Lesya K - 3 spots remaining

Mariana C - Fully Booked

Monica V - 1 spot remaining

Nadiya R - 1 spot remaining

Oksana I - 2 spots remaining

Stella L- Fully booked

Vilija V - 2 spots remaining


Luke J - 1 spot remaining

Sam M - Fully booked

Stephen G - Fully booked

Stella L - Fully booked


Jerry Z - 3 spots remaining


Sean C - 1 spot remaining

Luke J - 2 spots remaining


Sharif A - 3 spots remaining


Savic P - 1 spot remaining

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