September 2021

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• Mark your calendar

• Bring a Friend week

• Halloween Costume Contest

• Student of the Month

• Practice Challenge

• Musical Ladder achievements

• Teacher with a waiting list

• Welcome new and returning students

• Referral Contest

Happy Thanks Giving

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Bring a Friend Week

September 2021

Our “Bring to Friend Week” is back. We are BIG advocates for music education and believe everyone deserves it.

Many people are looking to start playing an instrument but don’t know where to start. A “Bring a Friend Week” is an excellent opportunity for someone you know to try any instruments for free and decide which one fits best to them.  If you know someone who would like to try any instrument, give us a call, email us or stop by the front desk to pick up the invitation. Invitations will be distributed beginning October 7th. If you don’t have one, ask the front desk.

Not only will your friend get a FREE class, but for every student who signs up with us, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon or Movie Gift Card. Your choice. On top of that, both you and your friend will automatically be entered into our GRAND PRIZE DRAW, plus your friend will receive FREE registration. You don’t have to be our students to be eligible to receive a gift card and to be entered into a GRAND PRIZE DRAW. We can’t wait to see your friends joining us. So please spread the word, invite your friends and let’s make music together.

Mark Your Calendar

Thanksgiving Holiday – October 9, 10, 11 – Closed

Bring a Friend Week – October 19 – 26 

Halloween Costume Contest Submission – November 1 

Hallowing Costume Contest

September 2021

Every year we run Halloween Costume Contest. It is so much fun to see our students dressed up and sharing their creative costumes.
Our annual Halloween Costume Contest begins on October 25th!!!
Come to class dressed to impress with your spookiest, most creative, inspiring, and magical costumes beginning October 25th through October 30th and be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card! Share your photos with the Hashtag #AcademyHalloween on social media or email us your picture at by November 1st to enter the drawing for $25 Gift Card!

We can’t wait to see you and celebrate your creativity!

Practice Challenge

Our Practice Challenges is going until the end of the year, and we currently are in the time frame for the Holiday/Seasonal Challenge! All you need to do is send us a video of you playing your favourite holiday song, video game track, movie song, or something similar and you can get a limited edition wristband like Jeslyn! As well, if you complete all 6 challenges you will be able to receive the brand-new Practice Challenge Trophy! If you have already completed some of the challenges keep an eye out for your wristband — we will be handing them out very soon.

Do you have any questions about the Practice Challenge? Feel free to send us a message or ask us at the front desk; we will always answer any questions you may have. We also have more information on our website here about each individual challenge.

Missed a challenge but still want to submit your entry? You’re more than welcome to! We want to help you get the trophy you’re working so hard towards :)

Happy practicing, everyone!

September 2021

Student of The Month

Chelsea P.

We are very excited to announce that our September 2021 student of the month is Chelsea P! Chelsea plays piano with Mr. Geoff! Here’s what Mr. Geoff has to say about Chelsea’s wonderful achievements:

“Chelsea is well-deserving of being a student of the month.  She works hard and always comes in with a smile on her face, ready to work!  Lately, she has really picked up the pace, learning at a fantastic rate!  We are all very proud of Chelsea. Well done Chelsea!!! “

We also asked Bernice a few questions. Here are her answers:

What instrument(s) do you play?:


How long have you been taking lessons?:

4 years 

What’s your favourite song to play?:


What’s your favourite food?:

French fries

What is your favourite thing you’ve learned in class recently?:

Song piece ‘Primadonna’ 

What is your favourite colour?:


Congratulations Chelsea! We are so proud of your achievement, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

September 2021

Musical Ladder Achievements

September 2021
Hajira is playing guitar and her teacher is Mr Michael
September 2021
Arjun plays piano with Ms Katrina
September 2021
Cleo and Shiloh are playing piano and their teachers are Ms Vira and Mr Jack
September 2021
Kovidh is playing piano and his teacher is Mr Robert

New Referral Contest

Referral Contest October 2021

Welcome New and Returning Students

Shanelle S
Dean G
Albert C
Ashley F
Osikayo T
Keegan H
Nayela H
Ronan H
Przemek K
Filip K
Adrian K
Jakub K
Daksh B
Isha B
Claudia S
Carlos S
Nicole A
Juliana H
Alissa M
Kyleigh M
Eduardo P
Juan Diego P
Karthik N
Eva V
Zaneya S
Aislinn P
Winston S
Nehal G
Bianka D
Kaya D
Kacper D
Judy Z
Mohit A
Kinane S

Aurora I
Isabelle H
Hanya M
Lorelai D
Smriti V
Krishav V
Layan A
Romesa S
Sawyer S
Arav S
Aarit S
Jacob F
Hussain A
Vidya S
Wesley W
Adam E
Kirthigaa N
Thomas D
Thomas D
Danil K
Kanav S
Luke Z
Nevin P
Gavin P
Karnan S
Khalani A
Mila El B
Antonios N
Athena N
Lillian A
Amal A
Snehashish S
Haylee K
Kaleeya G

Is Your Teacher Fully Booked?

Many teachers are very popular, and quickly become fully booked. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about openings in October send an e-mail to or call us at 905-276-0251.


Alex H.: Only TWO spots left
Anjula E.: All days SOLD OUT
Travis M.: All days SOLD OUT
Jack L.: All days SOLD OUT
Michael G.: All days SOLD OUT
Miguel R.: All days SOLD OUT
Dylan B.: Only ONE spot left
Henry G.: Only Two spots left


Jack L.: Only One spot left
Michael G.: All days SOLD OUT
Dylan B.: Only ONE spot left

Henry G.: Only One spot left


Afshin E.: Only THREE spots left
Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left
Vira B.: All days SOLD OUT


Geoff M.: All days SOLD OUT
Jack L.: All days SOLD OUT

Henry G.: Only Two spots left


Alex H.: Only TWO spots left
Anjula E.: All Days SOLD OUT
Danae O.: All days SOLD OUT
Geoff M.: All days SOLD OUT
Jack L.: Only TWO spots left
Jerry Z.: Only TWO spots left
Katrina Z.: Only TWO spots left
Lesya K.: Only THREE spots left
Mariana C.: All days SOLD OUT
Michael G.: All days SOLD OUT
Monica V.: Only TWO spots left
Oksana I.: All days SOLD OUT
Robert M.: Only TWO spots left
Sam L.: All days SOLD OUT
Stella L.: All days SOLD  OUT
Vira B.: All days SOLD OUT
Kyle B.: Only TWO spots left


André R.: Only TWO spots left
Anjula E.: All days SOLD OUT
Danae O.: All days SOLD OUT


Kyle B.: Only Two spots left
Travis M.: All days SOLD OUT
Dylan B.: All days SOLD OUT


Afshin E.: Only TWO spots left
Sharif A.: Only TWO spots left


Robert M.:  Only TWO spots left


André R.: Only TWO spots left
Jerry Z.: Only THREE spots left

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