Lesya K

​Lesya has been teaching music ,both piano and theory for 30 years, being successfully trained to achieve the most accomplished results for her students who comfortably realize their full potential with high marks and rewards. Lesya has extensive academic training in music, having completed a 10 year program specializing in music during her initial formal education, leading to her 4 year music teachers program at the renown Denise Sichynsky Music Academy, the leading college of music in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. This firm background in music permitted Lesya  to teach  in the school board, and administer  their music program. An accomplished teacher in Ukraine for 15 years, upon arrival in Canada she began teaching with Pianos Plus in 2002 and continues to teach music in the same location with Fine Arts Academy.

   Lesya has over 30 years teaching experience, sharing the thrill and joy of learning  to play piano with hundred of students of all ages. She genuinely seeks to bond individually with each student, providing acute care in ensuring they are comfortable in realizing the beauty of music. This sincere desire to accomodate the unique capabilities of each individual student to  attain  their full potential brings forth excellent marks in exams. Her catalogue of hundreds of copies of exams in theory and music attest to her gifted ability to encourage her students to strive for their greatest potential, all done with understanding, care and patience. Lesya inherently is pleased to share the magic of learning with her students, and they, as well as their parents, clearly will sense he deep passion for music, allowing the wonderful world of music to enrich their own personal life in a very pleasant manner.

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