Michael Grosman

Michael is a multi-instrumental musician and educator. He began his musical training in classical piano at the age of 5 and at 13 he was studying classical and electric guitar styles in Israel. In 2001 he was accepted into the Berklee affiliated “Rimon” Music College, where he studied Jazz performance, composition, and arrangement, alongside classical harmony. He began teaching Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar shortly after at the “Mississauga Fine Arts Academy”.

In Canada, Michael studied with Jazz masters like David Occhipinti and Don Thompson. He performed in numerous bands and projects ranging from Jazz and Classical to rock and Reggae, and continued to provide private lessons to students of all ages, abilities, and musical interests. Michael believes that the key to learning is engagement, and therefore developed a unique approach that he customizes to each individual student, focusing on the enjoyment of music and the learning process.

Simo Pajovic,  Mississauga

I started taking lessons at Pianos Plus when I was in grade 6. Since then, I have learned to play the piano and guitar, and, more importantly, music has become an integral part of my life. I cannot thank Pianos Plus’ incredible staff for their dedication and contagious enthusiasm.


Simo Pajovic, Mississauga / parent
Andrew Gunpat,  Mississauga

Ms. Nadia has played a large role in building my knowledge and love for music. Especially since I started at a young age, her kindness, support, and nurturing character had an impact on the way I approached many other tasks growing up. I can honestly say that, without Ms. Nadia, I wouldn’t have gained the love for all types of music I have now. I also would not have had the courage to get involved in music and non-music activities throughout high school and University. I just want to thank Ms. Nadia for giving me so much more than piano lessons and I thank Pianos Plus for facilitating such exemplary music education


Andrew Gunpat, Mississauga / parent
Dorothy,   Mississauga

This is a very good school. The teachers are professional and the staff is friendly and accommodating. I recommend the school.


Dorothy, Mississauga / parent

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